Education in Austria

The higher education system in Austria includes colleges, high schools, academies and universities.
Universities - academic establishments give opportunity to take bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate’s degrees. Austrian Universities included in the Bologna education system, it is some form of higher education.

Bachelor's degree gives opportunity to get the oretical basic knowledge and specialist knowledge in your chosen industry. Bachelor course lasts for 3-4 years (6-8 semesters), most of them (about two thirds) is devoted to the study of basic subjects, the remaining time is devoted to the development of special disciplines. Students take bachelor's degree on completion of the course.

Master program is based on diploma of bachelor. Duration of the program can vary from a half to two and a half years (average duration in the state universities - two years). At the end of the magistracy student takes master's degree with a right to engage in scientific research activity.

Taking Doctor’s degree is possible at the end of school graduation (duration - 2- 4 semesters). For successful completion of postgraduate study must be prepared dissertations and pass exams in the scientific work issues. After graduation student takes the academic Doctor’s degree.

In many universities the educational system includes "courses " sessions that allow students to get necessary marks to pass academic difference from other educational establishments and improve knowledge of English or German languages (depend on learning language).

An average nominal duration of higher education in Austria is from 3 to 6 years. Thanks to specifics of training process (possibility to choosem a in and additional disciplines and establish exams terms independently) the realistic deadlines are extended from 8- 9 years.

Universities in Austria are divided into the state and private. The best state universities hold stably the average position in the rankings of European and world universities(after the United States, Britain and some other countries).Austrian universities are leaders at the low cost of education. The semester cost of study at the State University is 380- 730 euros.

The issue price is often decisive for students from Eastern Europe, so the Austrian universities are stably in high demand among students from Ukraine.

Almost all Austrian universities are favorable to foreign students. Some number of scientists schools reaches 25 -30% from the total number of students.

Top universities rating
1. Vienna University
2. Vienna Technology University
3. Vienna Medical University
4. Vienna University of Economics
5. Vienna Fine ArtsAcademy 
6. Vienna Music and Performing Arts University
7. Vienna Agricultural University

The capital of Austria offers the most broad opportunities for economic education. There are old, most authoritative and most popular universities in Vienna.

Specialty rating
1. The right
2. Economy
3. Technical specialty.
4. IT-technologies
5. Music and art.


  • Higher Education Consultation in Austria (universities, specialty, educational levels, admission conditions)
  • University selection on the chosen specialty,
  • Career guidance for the purpose of choosing a future profession


  • electronic student registration to the Austrian University;
  • document submission preparation to the university;
  • help in hostel booking;
  • escort services in the process of Austrian visa opening;
  • meeting on arrival in Austria, escort to the residence place for settlement;
  • escort to the dean's office of the University for registration and receipt of the invoice for the tuition fees;
  • escort in matters of Austrian insurance registration , a residence permit, bank account opening;
  • informational support (counseling) during student study period in Austria.

Service cost on admission to Austria - 1500 €
Schedule of payments:

  • 900 euros - payment at the time of signing the contract;
  • The second part is paid on the day of visa obtaining it is calculated according to internal EUR rate against UAH at the day of payment.

Additional expenses
High living standard in Austria determines its high cost. Additional living expenses for foreign student can reach € 1,000 or more, of which:

  • € 250 - 600 – hostel payment or apartment rent. Due to the large number of students in Austria, there are problems with the provision of accommodation for students in the universities. A number of places at the campus is limited, so entrants are forced to rent expensive apartments on their own;
  • 250- € 300 - food. If you prepare meals by yourself, the amount may be slightly reduced;
  • € 50 -100 - fare. There are transport benefits for students up to 26 years in Vienna;
  • € 52 -60 - insurance;
  • € 100-150 - additional expenses - purchase of household products, educational materials, shopping, etc...

Cover the accommodation costs can be achieved partially by a scholarship or grant on student programs.

Bachelor students can not work more than ten hours per week. Students with the master's degree - not more than twenty hours.

On student visa registration you will need one-time confirmation of a bank account 7000-9000 €.

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