Work and Travel USA

WORK & TRAVEL USA is your chance to earn the first serious money! A true student-a poor student. 

But not in this case. We offer youduring the summer vacation to earn really 2000 dollars per month to live in America, travel, relax on the shores of the ocean, make friendsfrom all over the world, make your ENGLISH FLUENTLY, buy a bunch of gadgets and technology-everything what you dream, and even more! You already want in America? Read more!

9 steps on the way to America

STEP 1. Contact us in any convenient way and set up a meeting with the coordinator Work and Travel USA.

STEP 2. At the meeting the coordinator Work and Travel USA will help fill in a registration card and will test you on knowledge of the English language. Don't worry – it's not scary! Tell a lot of new and interesting information for you about the program, so be sure to take notes)) Coordinator will answer all your questions, ask anything that excites you-it’s important to us!

STEP 3. Sign contract for participation in the program and pay the first part of the program fee-950 UAH

STEP 4. Fill in all the necessary documents to obtain DS-2019, pay the second part of the program fee- 550$ (in UAH at the commercial domestic exchange rate on the day of payment). Send all documents to the sponsor in America. Waiting for confirmation.

STEP 5. Tightly engaged in the job search.  Vacancy sent you by e-mail. Check it! After receipt of Placement Agreement (or Job Offer, contract) you keeping in touch with the employer constantly until your arrival in America. 

STEP 6. Fill the form to receive J-1 visa, collect additional documents for submission to the U.S. Embassy. Personal feed of documents. Paid the visa fee - 160$ (in UAH at the commercial exchange rate on the day of payment). 

STEP 7. You will be told the date and time of submission of documents to the Embassy of America, to prepare mentally for the interview. We'll show and teach you-what to say, how to meet, where to look and how to behave at the Embassy. Believe me-all pass, and you will pass! Make the final fee for the program is 960$ (in UAH at the commercial domestic exchange rate on the day of payment). Pass the interview at the Embassy. 

STEP 8. Received a visa, yay! Pay for the tickets. Go through a special training program participant, get necessary documents, ISIC and last farewell. 

STEP 9. Takes off! Welcome to America!

Who can participate in the program: 

  • Age from 18 to 23 years
  • A student of the university of daily form of education, NOT the LAST COURSE
  • Level of English not lower than INTERMEDIATE
  • Be independent, responsible and ready for adult life


  • Wages per hour, from 8 to 10 dollars per hour (depending on position).
  • Work hours-from 7 to 9:00, overtime work is permitted and encouraged.Weekend - one day a week.

Total counting money: in a month your earnings will be from 1500 to 2500 dollars a month. Who of your friends earns more? 

Job vacancies 

  • Work in hotels (guest relation, administrator, waiter, housekeeper, butler, lobby hostess, front desk agent etc.)
  • Work in cafes and restaurants (waiter, barista, bar server, bartender etc.)
  • Work in amusement parks (tickets sales officer)
  • Rescue workers in health centers, on beaches, in swimming pools (life-saver)
  • Shops, supermarkets (shop-assistant)

What documents are needed for participation:

  • Passport
  • Passport of citizen of Ukraine
  • Identification code
  • 3 help (original) from the University (one in English)
  • The original record books
  • Original student ID
  • The cost of the program - 1550$

For participants-repeater with the presence of own JOBOFFER - 950$

For participants-repeater without JOBOFFER -

Additional charges:

  • Visa fee - 160$
  • Air ticket (from 750 dollars roundtrip)

Consider the costs:

Work and Travel Germany

WORK & TRAVEL GERMANY -  is your first job with serious income! There are three minimum requirements: be a student of 1-3 course, aged 18 to 35 years and know German at a basic level! It's everything you need to make real money in the currency! Germany is one of the most economically stable countries in Europe, with high social standards and quality of life. You have the chance to work and live abroad, travel, earn a lot more than any of your friends, and be an adult and independent. And for the future-the line WORK & TRAVEL in your TRAVEL summary later add you respect from your future employer! Think about it and a call us faster! Everything is in your hands!

8 steps on the way to Germany

STEP 1. Contact us in any convenient way and set up a meeting with the coordinator Work and Travel, GERMANY.

STEP 2. When coordinator Work and Travel GERMANY will help fill out the registration card, and will test you knowledge of the German language. Tell a lot of new and interesting information for you about the program, so be sure to take notes)). Coordinator will answer all your questions; ask anything that excites you-it is important to us!

STEP 3. Sign contract for participation in the program and pay the cost of the program-300 Euro (in UAH at the commercial domestic exchange rate on the day of payment).

STEP 4. Prepare a summary in German (up to 200 words!) about yourself, your hobbies, work experience (if any), why would you want to go to Germany. Mounted a video-self representation-and then you're a star! Our consultant will help, support, and will always be near.

STEP 5. Tightly engaged in the job search.  Vacancy sent you by e-mail. Check it! Register you on the labor exchange. And then are waiting for a job interview with an employer.

STEP 6. Pass Skype interview with the employer. This is the most important stage in the program. Prepare for it seriously. We'll show you what to look for and how it happens.

STEP 7. After confirmation from the employer, received of visa. Submission personal documents at the Embassy.

STEP 8. Visa received-we can go! Success!

Who can practice in the program:

  • age from 18 to 35 years o (at the beginning of the work)
  • A student of the university of daily form of education technical schools, colleges, higher vocational colleges, NOT the LAST COURSE
  • Level of German not below level A1 (Basic)
  • Be independent, responsible, physically fit and healthy


  • Wages per hour from 6.50 to 8 euros per hour (depending on position).
  • Working day-from 7 to 9:00. Weekend -one day a week. Duration of the program is 3 months.

Total counting money: per month your earnings will be from 600 to 1200 euros per month. Now multiply the rate against to UAH - and get results! You're somewhere you can earn more?

  • Job vacancies
  • worker in the kitchen
  • cleaning of premises
  • picking berries, vegetables, fruits
  • seasonal work
  • waiters

What documents are needed for participation:

  • Passport
  • Passport of the citizen of Ukraine
  • Identification code
  • 5 certificates (original) from the University (one of them in German)
  • The original record books
  • Original student ID

The cost of the program - 300 Euro

Additional charges:

  • consular and visa fee-75 Euro
  • medical insurance-35 Euro
  • bus ticket (from 75 euros in both sides)

Work and Travel Spain

The national motto of Spain-life created for pleasure rather than for testing! The Spaniards do not suffer from complexes, excessively open and friendly, emotional and impulsive, like gestures and loud debates. The Spaniards anxiously relate to food, traditional cuisine is their fetish and worship! And yet Spain is beautiful Barcelona, Gaudi's Park, the sea of entertainment, interesting excursions, golden sandy beaches, beautiful sea-all the pleasures in one place. But not only! In Spain you can earn! We'll tell you how to do it!

WE OFFER: Work in the resorts of Spain, which stretched along the sea for more than 5 thousand kilometers, where rest tourists from all over the world, and whose number is growing steadily. It has become fashionable to spend holidays in Spain; many tourists have got real estate increases, the number of clubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels, in which we actively recruit staff. The program lasts 3 months, if you are in doubt whether you go, read on. You can:

  • Get a student visa to Spain
  • Internships in the best hotels, Spain
  • Learn from the experience of the European service, expand their professional skills, eventually, get first serious argument in your resume to careers
  • Improve language skills, fluency
  • Get career opportunities, positive


  • Age from 18 to 23 years
  • A student of the University 1-5 full-time rate, mostly in tourism, hotel and restaurant business "," Cooking "," Philology»
  • Level of English not lower than INTERMEDIATE 
  • The student must obtain official permission for an internship from your institution and close issues with early surrender of the session
  • Knowledge of other languages (Spanish, French, etc.)-are welcome and appreciated


  • Free accommodation in Spain
  • Free food
  • Pocket money (up to 300 Euro per month)
  • Internships are available during these periods: 1) winter vacation (November-December, January-February, January-March) 2) summer vacation (May-July, June-August, September-October)


  • Work in hotels (guest relation, administrator, waiter, housekeeper, butler, lobby, front desk hostess agent etc.)
  • Work in cafes and restaurants (waiter, barista, bar server, bartender etc.)-employment in amusement parks (tickets sales officer)
  • Shops, supermarkets (shop assistant)


  • Passport
  • Passport of citizen of Ukraine
  • Identification code
  • 3 help (original) from the University (one in English)
  • The original record books
  • Original student ID

The cost of the program is 300 euros (in UAH at the commercial exchange rate on the day of payment) includes:

  • Full support of student advice and support before departure to Spain and during your stay in Spain at the internship (host)
  • The interview, testing for knowledge of a foreign language (English or Spanish)
  • Assistance with resume writing, filling documents
  • Recruitment of jobs
  • Visa support
  • Orientation seminar before departure


  • Consular, visa fees
  • Medical insurance-65 €
  • Air ticket- 350 UAH(from 350 dollars round-trip)
  • Registration NIE- from 10 euro

Au Pair

AU PAIR is a year-long program of the international exchange of cultural experience with the countries of Europe, America or Canada. What does it mean? You offer a year or more to live in a host family which undertakes to provide you with accommodation, meals and pocket money for expenses in return for your help with the housework.

Such assistance includes:

Baby-sitting (to feed, play, read, wash)

Functions of a nurse, governess (to take and pick up children from school, hobby clubs, do homework, help, study Russian or Ukrainian languages)

Help at home (shopping, cooking, set the table, clean up)


  • Age from 18 to 25 years
  • To know the language of the country at conversational level (A2-B1)
  • Punctuality, responsibility friendliness, no bad habits

We offer AU PAIR program in such countries: 

  • USA

Advantages of the AU PAIR program: 

  • Your first experience of independent living
  • Feel abroad like at home 
  • Learn from the experience of countries with developed economies
  • To expand horizons, scooping ideas for creativity
  • Thinking in a foreign language, to bring your knowledge of the language to perfection
  • Free time, vacation-an opportunity for travel
  • Single room, food, accommodation, insurance, pocket money-you fully on ensuring host family
  • Chance to make new friends, new useful acquaintances
  • The opportunity to receive education abroad
  • Gain experience, which will help you in future cost career

How much give pocket money?

Usually every month party give the costs from 350 dollars to 780 dollars (varies by country).

The cost of the program:

Candidate for participation in the program shall pay the visa processing, the cost of official fees, directions to your accommodation and services agency on registration to the program.

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