Work and Travel Germany

WORK & TRAVEL GERMANY -  is your first job with serious income! There are three minimum requirements: be a student of 1-3 course, aged 18 to 35 years and know German at a basic level! It's everything you need to make real money in the currency! Germany is one of the most economically stable countries in Europe, with high social standards and quality of life. You have the chance to work and live abroad, travel, earn a lot more than any of your friends, and be an adult and independent. And for the future-the line WORK & TRAVEL in your TRAVEL summary later add you respect from your future employer! Think about it and a call us faster! Everything is in your hands!

8 steps on the way to Germany

STEP 1. Contact us in any convenient way and set up a meeting with the coordinator Work and Travel, GERMANY.

STEP 2. When coordinator Work and Travel GERMANY will help fill out the registration card, and will test you knowledge of the German language. Tell a lot of new and interesting information for you about the program, so be sure to take notes)). Coordinator will answer all your questions; ask anything that excites you-it is important to us!

STEP 3. Sign contract for participation in the program and pay the cost of the program-300 Euro (in UAH at the commercial domestic exchange rate on the day of payment).

STEP 4. Prepare a summary in German (up to 200 words!) about yourself, your hobbies, work experience (if any), why would you want to go to Germany. Mounted a video-self representation-and then you're a star! Our consultant will help, support, and will always be near.

STEP 5. Tightly engaged in the job search.  Vacancy sent you by e-mail. Check it! Register you on the labor exchange. And then are waiting for a job interview with an employer.

STEP 6. Pass Skype interview with the employer. This is the most important stage in the program. Prepare for it seriously. We'll show you what to look for and how it happens.

STEP 7. After confirmation from the employer, received of visa. Submission personal documents at the Embassy.

STEP 8. Visa received-we can go! Success!

Who can practice in the program:

  • age from 18 to 35 years o (at the beginning of the work)
  • A student of the university of daily form of education technical schools, colleges, higher vocational colleges, NOT the LAST COURSE
  • Level of German not below level A1 (Basic)
  • Be independent, responsible, physically fit and healthy


  • Wages per hour from 6.50 to 8 euros per hour (depending on position).
  • Working day-from 7 to 9:00. Weekend -one day a week. Duration of the program is 3 months.

Total counting money: per month your earnings will be from 600 to 1200 euros per month. Now multiply the rate against to UAH - and get results! You're somewhere you can earn more?

  • Job vacancies
  • worker in the kitchen
  • cleaning of premises
  • picking berries, vegetables, fruits
  • seasonal work
  • waiters

What documents are needed for participation:

  • Passport
  • Passport of the citizen of Ukraine
  • Identification code
  • 5 certificates (original) from the University (one of them in German)
  • The original record books
  • Original student ID

The cost of the program - 300 Euro

Additional charges:

  • consular and visa fee-75 Euro
  • medical insurance-35 Euro
  • bus ticket (from 75 euros in both sides)

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