Schengen visas

Schengen Agreement — the agreement on visa simplification and passport control at the borders a number of European Union states, 14 June 1985 it was signed by five European countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany).

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Visas to China

Visa is required for entry to Peoples Republic of China. The procedure for applying for a visa has to be in the Chinese Consulate in advance.

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Visas to Canada

Our services:

  1. Consultation (provide a list of required documents, the recommendations on the documents collection, assistance in obtaining documents, choosing the most proper ways of getting a visa, full accompaniment of the client before applying for a visa).
  2. Filling visa application form and necessary documents;
  3. Translation and certification of documents;
  4. Visa fee payment in the bank;
  5. Document submission to visa center;
  6. In the case of getting refusal, re-submit documents up to 3 times.
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Visas to Croatia

For visiting Croatia, Ukrainians need to have an entry permit. There are several kinds of visas to Croatia. The most popular are:

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Visas to Bulgaria

The advantage of Bulgaria visa is that it is not required the applicant's personal presence and easy to collect a package of documents.

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