Visa to the USA

Our services:

  1. Consultation (provide a list of required documents, the recommendations on the documents collection, assistance in obtaining documents, choosing the most proper ways of getting a visa, full accompaniment of the client before applying for a visa).
  2. Filling visa application form and necessary documents;
  3. Translation and certification of documents (if required);
  4. Visa fee payment in the bank – in the equivalent of national currency. Visa fee is 160 dollars and takes only through branches of PJSC «Raiffeisen Bank Aval»
  5. Record on interview;
  6. Preparing of a client to pass the interview (how to speak, what to say, how to behave);
  7. In the case of getting refusal, re-submit documents (once).

The cost of visa fee is 160 USD (in an equivalent of UAH at the exchange rate on the payment date).


Visa Type Visa preparation term Visa validity period Cost
Visitor visa up to 14 workdays 5 years $ 150
Tourist visa up to 14 workdays 5 years $ 150

 List of main documents:

  1. Foreign passport – original with validity not least 6 months after the planned date of return;
  2. Photo in electronic form 5x5 cm, not more than 240 Kb;
  3. Original and copy of the national passport;
  4. A copy of identification code;
  5. Confirming employment documents (original employment certificate and a copy of labor book, certified by the wet seal of enterprise);
  6. Documents confirming the financial viability;
  7. Documents confirming attachment to the homeland (availability of minor children, marriage, movable and immovable property, deposit accounts, etc.);
  8. Documents confirming about getting Higher Education / Secondary Special Education;
  9. Documents confirming the military service (only for men);
  10. The detailed customer questionnaire (fill in at agency).

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