Visas to the UAE

Provide assistance in obtaining visas to UAE

Peculiarities of the issuance of visas to UAE:

  1. A tourist visa is issued for 30 days. A single entry.
  2. The visa is valid for60 days from the date of its issuance.
  3. Visa is issued in the electronic form. The issuance of visa is carried out into the hands in printed form A4. On arrival to UAE it is presented at passport and immigration control together with a passport.
  4. A visa copy is kept during the whole period of stay in the UAE.
  5. If you first enter into the country it is necessary to pass test on retinal scan (or delivery of biometric data). Persons who violate the visa regime or commit offenses on the territory of the UAE, are put on the black list of the Immigration Service, and they will be denied in the repeat visa.
  6. The repeat procedure for applying for a visa is possible only after 30 days from the date of departure from the country. This rule was introduced in order to prevent illegal employment cases in the UAE.
  7. Tourist visa is NOT EXTENDED!
  8. Non-workdays in the UAE Immigration Service - is the main state and religious holidays also Friday and Saturday. A day applying for a visa is not considered. During national holidays the UAE Immigration Service can work in duty mode, these days visa can be delayed.
  9. Visa for citizens of the Belarus Republic is made in Kiev.


Validity Production time applying Cost for adult Cost for child
30/60 3-7 working days without personal presence $ 250 $ 250
30/60 1 day without personal presence $ 550 $ 550
30/90 3-7 working days without personal presence $ 300 $ 300


  1. Color clear scanned copy of the first passport page or child’s travel document in graphic format JPEG (image size 600 * 400 pixels, file size 40 KB)
  2. Color digital or scanned photo (no more than 40 KB in JPEG format).
  3. For children who inscribe in the parent passport, it is necessary a clear color scanned copy of the page where the child is inscribed and photographed .It has to be indicated completely: first name, last name, gender, birth date of a child.
  4. For children with an own travel document up to 16 years or for young people up to 18 years, it is required additionally a clear scanned copy of the birth certificate (with English translation).
  5. Validity of passport has not to be less than  6 months from the date of planned travel completion.

For unmarried girls younger than 22 years old, please call about visa cost: (096) 5649814, (050) 1497067

If you have any questions, we are pleased to answer!

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