Visas to the UK

Turnkey visas to the UK! We work with a guarantee!

The most common causes of denial of obtaining a visa:

  1. Lack of package of documents
  2. Incorrectly completed visa application form
  3. Incorrect selected Visa Type
  4. The absence of convincing arguments of purpose of the trip


  1. Visas in clean passport. It is difficult, but possible!
  2. Visa after failure. The arguments of your application - our job!
  3. Visa with the aim of study
  4. Visa if you have relatives who immigrated earlier


Visa Type Visa validity period Visa preparation term Cost
Tourism Up to 6 months/td> Up to 21 days € 250
Study Up to 365 days Up to 30 days € 250


  • Visa fee - € 110
  • Translations in English - 70 UAH / document or a page of printed text

5 steps to obtain a visa:

  1. Call us to get more detailed consultation (096) 7228268, (050) 1497067
  2. We select for you the most guaranteed way to obtain a visa
  3. Prepare package of documents, enroll for submitting in Visa Application Centre
  4. Prepare you for an interview (what, how, and why)
  5. You personally apply for a visa (by reason of biometric data)
  6. Your visa is ready! Have a good flight!

List of required documents for the Consular Department of the Great Britain Embassy:

  • Foreign passport - original with validity not least 6 months after the planned date of return; availability of clean page spread is compulsory.
  • If you have a valid passport and previous passport at the same time and if it has not been revoked – its original ;
  • 2 color photos (80% of face, 3,5x4,5, on a white background, without glasses, hats; forehead, eyebrows, eyes, ears, have not to be covered by hair);
  • The detailed customer questionnaire (fill in at agency)
  • Bank account statement on availability of funds in account on letterhead, which indicates type of account and account activity (preferably for last 6 months);
  • Copies of documents on availability of movable and immovable property (house, apartment, car, land, etc.);
  • A copy of internal passport (all pages with marks);
  • A copy of marriage certificate / divorce / death;
  • A copy of original birth certificate of children;

For working people:

  • Employment certificate: on letterhead with address and enterprise phone, position, enrollment day, salary (income for the last 6 months).

For pupils /students:

  • A certificate from educational establishment on the letterhead, with address and phone number and about that administration of educational establishment does not object your travelling during the holidays.

For private entrepreneurs:

  • A copy of original enterprise registration / individual entrepreneur.
  • For single tax payers - a copy of single tax payer registration;
  • A copy of an activity license;
  • Earnings report for the last 6 months from tax inspection;
  • Copies of contracts, confirming the activity of individual entrepreneur, including: business cards, advertising, etc.

For retirees:

  • A copy of pension certificate;
  • Pension amount statement from the Pension Fund;

* For children traveling without parents or with one parent - Certified permission by notary to leave a child abroad.
* For unemployed or those who has no insufficient financial security – a certified sponsorship letter that sponsor takes all expenses during the tour.

The list of documents is not exhaustive, please specify all details at manager in an individual order, tel.: (096) 7228268, (050) 1497067.

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