Work in Poland

Work in Poland - to date, it is the most affordable, fast, reliable and completely LEGAL way of earning abroad. The main advantage of the work in Poland is the ability to work as an expert, and a man without qualifications, education and experience. With our help, you receive a guarantee that you will be working in Poland. It's a fact. We provide work for everyone who turns to us for help and who really need work and money.

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Work in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Work in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - is legal employment with registration work visas. Work in the Baltic countries has a number of advantages:

  • Working visa for a year (365 days out of 365 days)
  • Simplified procedure of obtaining residence permit (after 90 days of continuous stay)
  • Wages in euro (taking into account currency fluctuations, it is always advantageous)
  • Only reliable employers, a major construction company with architectural control and supervision)
  • Large volumes of works (mostly buildings with glass facades, from 20 floors and above), integrated development of residential and nonresidential
  • Possibility to move to a PERMANENT RESIDENCE for the whole family.
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Work in the UAE

United Arab Emirates, to date, is one of the few countries that are not touched by the economic crisis. This is one of the richest countries in the world. A record number of millionaires around the world. Each family receives from the Government of U.A.E. a comfortable accommodations (Villa) and about $20 000 to conduct a wedding ceremony. The average monthly salary of a civil servant - $10 thousand.

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Work on cruises

Lately there has been a steady trend towards an increase in demand by tourists to travel on cruise liners. Boat trips are becoming increasingly popular, allowing travelers to not only feel the romance of travel, but also for a short time to visit many interesting places and countries.

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