Work in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Work in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - is legal employment with registration work visas. Work in the Baltic countries has a number of advantages:

  • Working visa for a year (365 days out of 365 days)
  • Simplified procedure of obtaining residence permit (after 90 days of continuous stay)
  • Wages in euro (taking into account currency fluctuations, it is always advantageous)
  • Only reliable employers, a major construction company with architectural control and supervision)
  • Large volumes of works (mostly buildings with glass facades, from 20 floors and above), integrated development of residential and nonresidential
  • Possibility to move to a PERMANENT RESIDENCE for the whole family.

On an ongoing basis requires professionals exclusively for construction work, with experience, knowledge of drawings, diagrams, layouts, mastery of techniques and skills, readiness to work under the supervision of the architectural control and deliver the volumes of executed works technical supervision. Scope of work - construction. 

Such high demands on the experts due to the fact that employers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia are a guarantee for volume of work performed from 2 to 5 years (depends on contracts), so the quality of the work must be perfect.This means that during this time after the delivery of the works, the employer will be FREE to repair, replace, restore, or completely redo the previously poorly executed work.


  • Formwork  timber
  • Gypsum cardboard producers
  • Steel fixers-concreters
  • Painters, plasterers
  • Tilers
  • Masons
  • Plumbing
  • Electricians
  • The facade (seasonal work)
  • Employees at internal furnish of premises
  • Workers at the monolith

Applicant requirements:

  • Age 19-45 years
  • Availability of passport
  • A passport of a citizen of Ukraine + ID
  • Experience is required from 1 year, labor book, work samples, references from previous employers

Wages: from 600 to 1500 euros/month

Wages of production (the amount of completed work, there are norms of the day and according to the schedule)

Housing paid 80-100 euros/month

Food - at own expense (100-200 euros per month)

Tools - are provided by the employer (the variant of registration deposit in case of damage to the tool)

Working clothes provided by the employee at their own expense



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