Work in the UAE

United Arab Emirates, to date, is one of the few countries that are not touched by the economic crisis. This is one of the richest countries in the world. A record number of millionaires around the world. Each family receives from the Government of U.A.E. a comfortable accommodations (Villa) and about $20 000 to conduct a wedding ceremony. The average monthly salary of a civil servant - $10 thousand.

oae83% of the population is migrant workers. Among of them are top-managers of companies with worldwide reputation, and narrow specialists, hospitality workers of the sphere from all over the world.UAE is a multinational country. From all over the world comes to UAE workers of different fields. The average salary of a foreigner varies from 1200 USD to 3000 USD (depending on vacancies and skill of the applicant).

Features of employment in the UAE:

  • Age from 21 to 35 years
  • Level of English not below necessarily Upper-Intermediate
  • Knowledge of other languages is an advantage
  • Experience required - work contracts of 1 year or longer
  • Flight, work visa, accommodation and meals (by agreement) the employer pays
  • Why it is profitable to work in the UAE?
  • International experience
  • The capital of entertainment
  • Spoken English
  • Obtaining advantages in future employment in any country.
  • Meeting people from different corners of the planet
  • Accommodation in one of the most advanced and safest countries in the world.
  • Relax on the best beaches.
  • The opportunity to travel
  • The level of your spoken English will improve due to its constant use
  • High earnings
  • The possibility of savings
  • The favorable climate
  • Stable salary

How to find a job in the UAE? With us it is not a problem. 97% of our candidates receive employment in U.A.E. 72% of our participants pass the interview for the first time. The mechanism established and very clear. To do this, contact the curator for this program in any convenient way (see contacts......), appointed consultation.

For advice come with the baggage of labor practices (copy of work book, performance with previous jobs, letters of thanks, diplomas, certificates of training courses- all that confirms your qualifications and high professional level). In the Office you will be offered to undergo initial testing for English language proficiency, successful completion of which, you will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire-summary. Further, the Manager will take it in processing – and further instructions will inform additionally. Who will I work? The list of vacancies is very large, and is constantly updated. The vacancies laid out here is a permanent, recruitment to which is always. If you didn't find what you were looking for-please contact our Office, we will offer you a good option.

We offer work in the U.A.E.:

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